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So, Christmas

This year I was persuaded to take the train up to the Lakes. The journey up was fine; the return journey had some "features", such as the borked seat reservation computer (not the first time I've had that happen on a Pendolino), a points failure at Crewe, and a hideously cramped train from Birmingham because there were no trains to Euston. The train cleared significantly at Leamington Spa but was still behind at Oxford. Somehow it made up time and I caught the rather tenuous bus connection home, without the inconvenience of a 90-minute wait for the next one.

All of which sends me yearning for the Golden Age of trains. Except that BBC2 had an interesting run of programmes last week that seemed to hint that there was no such thing except in the Permanent Way of the general public's nostalgia. Still, I got to see a programme on British Transport Films, Ian Hislop's documentary about Beeching, and another about the bunch of people who built Tornado.

I thought The Next Doctor was by some way the best of the Christmas specials, although at the end it did seem that RTD had finally abandoned the Pertwee era, and taken inspiration from Robot instead. I'm afraid that highlights the inconsistency of his writing - the first part, concerning the enigma of David Morrisey, was clever. Rosita was such a bit-part character, and I wonder if that's supposed to portray the way the Doctor sees his companions, or whether it's the way a Victorian gentleman's mind interprets the information stream he receives from the Cybermen (or whether it's that RTD frequently writes rubbish that gets mixed in to the good stuff). strange_complex has more to say about the character here.
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