qatsi (qatsi) wrote,

The Joys of Offshoring

Off and on this week I have bean dealing with a support request from one of our partners, Wipro who shall remain nameless. They have a "when-we-call-your-code-it-blows-up" problem, which, so far, we have been unable to reproduce in the UK, despite our best efforts.

However, by examining their code that calls ours, we have highlighted a number of issues in their code. I am pretty sure the problem lies somewhere in their server configuration, though I can't absolutely rule out the possibility of a problem in our code.

One of my coworkers has observed that our "partnering strategy" has made no observable difference to the support we need to give for our products: despite handing over implementations to "integration experts" we still end up having to explain what are basic development concepts. In this case, one does wonder whether offshoring is so cheap because they get us to do the work for them.
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