qatsi (qatsi) wrote,

Cartoons and Cakes

I headed into London at lunchtime, first of all to go to The Cartoon Museum to see its exhibition on Giles. It's a small selection but well worth seeing; there's some interesting and witty cartoons from his time as a War Artist, as well as some darker drawings from that period (and an observation that he couldn't draw anything at all from his visits to liberated transport/concentration camps), before moving on to "the Giles family". The atmosphere was somewhat like the standard museum or gallery, but with the beneficial addition of slighly suppressed giggling and laughter, quite appropriate to the exhibits.

Later in the afternoon I headed to rosamicula's for Tea and Cake, meeting some new and previously acquired friends. Geek biscuits were served and approved of, as were the two cakes.
Tags: exhibitions, food
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