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Proms 2009

While listening to In Tune on the way home this afternoon, it seemed unusually early for Sean Rafferty to be announcing the release of the 2009 Proms programme. It's only just the second week in April. My initial thoughts are that once again, there isn't much "must-see", but there are a number of "might-try" concerts.

strange_complex might like to note the amount of Handel in this (anniversary) season, including complete concert performances of Partenope and Samson.

kharin may also be interested in Prom 10.

My own moderately-long list is:

  • Prom 1 - Yay! The Labéque sisters doing Poulenc's Concerto for Two Pianos but Aargh! Stephen Hough

  • Prom 5

  • Prom 36/37 - Handel's Coronation Anthems inter alia, followed by Philip Glass for a late night Prom

  • Prom 44/45 - Fun with the Budapest Festival Orchestra, followed by fun with the Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain

  • Prom 46

  • Prom 50 - Fidelio might be interesting

  • Prom 51 - Haydn's "Clock" symphony and Brahms' Violin Concerto, though I'd prefer to see someone other than Joshua Bell (again)

  • Prom 52

  • Prom 54 - The Draughtsman's Contract, but it's another late night

  • Prom 59 - I was very impressed with the Zurich Tonhalle when I saw them a few years ago

  • Prom 63

  • Prom 67

  • Prom 70

ETA:I had missed The Silk Road Ensemble in Prom 75

There will be some refinement of the selection. These are just the ones that initially look interesting.

I also quite like the idea of doing Respighi's "Rome" works on consecutive nights, starting with Prom 29, but the rest of the programmes in those concerts aren't appealing enough for me.
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