qatsi (qatsi) wrote,

It's high time this planet ceased to be so dependent on a mineral slime ...

A few days ago I discovered an interesting, if depressing, article on the BBC news site about packaging and recycling. Apparently the reason so little plastic is recycled (have you ever found a plastics recycling point?) in the UK is that it's too expensive to ship it around the country to recycling plants.

So let's get this straight. It's cheaper to dump all the plastic packaging in a land fill site where, after several million years, maybe, someone will rediscover oil and pump it out of the ground to be reused, than it is to drive it to a recycling plant, probably no more than 100 miles away. At the same time, it's cheaper for the supermarkets to import lamb from half-way around the world than for notionally the same product, home-grown.

I'm not against green-oriented taxes on petrol, and I have very little sympathy for farmers or lorry drivers, but, just for a moment, I wondered whether it might be a good idea to waive fuel duty on recycling loads, whilst imposing it on aeroplane fuel? I'm not anti-globalisation, but doesn't it make sense to ship things round the world only when they have to be produced in a different location from that where they are consumed, and otherwise, to produce them locally? Obviously I must have missed something here and my sanity will return shortly.
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