qatsi (qatsi) wrote,

uitlander will tell people how good I normally am at blending into the wallpaper. However this evening I stood out somewhat as I swiped my card at Waitrose's Quick-Scan desk in Woodley. There was no response from the scanner so I tried again - the magnetic strip is rather old. Again no response, so I tried the other scanner. Hmm. By the time I had summoned assistance both devices were, like NASA's Mars Spirit rover, in a continuous reboot cycle. Whoops. I don't think it was anything to do with me, there was a comms problem. For some probably prejudicial reason, I do rate Waitrose staff above those in other supermarkets, and this was borne out by experience, after a few minutes the assistant found me in the shop and gave me a scanner they had managed to extract from The Machine.

In other news: a letter from Dumb Finance, but not the one I expected: Dear qatsi, in an attempt to control consumer spending we are increasing your mortgage payments. Oh no. Instead: Dear qatsi, we are delighted to offer you £[insert 5-figure sum here that would nearly double my mortgage] as a pre-agreed reserve.
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