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Euro Trash

I think swisstone's post (locked) is a fair summary of my view of the European elections (including GB's fall from Iron Chancellor to Lame Duck).

For the record, I usually vote (and did so last week), and over the years I have voted Labour, Lib Dem, and Green, and I've spoiled my paper when I couldn't bear the thought of any of them. I have no enthusiasm for the Tories, though I can't see any way they won't win the general election. As for UKIP and the other swivel-eyed loons: it should be pointed out that their so-called economic model would have us outside of the EU but in the EEA - in which case we would have to enact European legislation without having any say in its determination - hardly something you'd have thought they would view as a positive change. (Or if outside the EEA altogether, we might as well be a TPLAC).

Which brings me finally to the BNP. Well, I won't deny people their representation, and I hope the voters of Yorkshire & Humberside and the North West will scrutinise what's done on their behalf in Europe for the next five years. The BNP thrives on being outside the establishment, and it gets reported in the media but generally goes unchallenged because no-one of any other party will debate with them. I understand why politicians don't want to do that, but ultimately I think it has to be done. Get over "giving them a platform" and start challenging them and showing how pathetic and transparent their views are. I'm some way from being a fan of Margaret Hodge, but I commend her for having the nerve to contend directly with them on tonight's Channel 4 News.
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