qatsi (qatsi) wrote,

Too Clever By Half

Book Review: The Athenian Murders, by José Carlos Somoza
Initially, this book appears to be an ancient whodunnit, with Heracles Pontor, the Decipherer of Enigmas, as its protagonist. However, it becomes clear through the footnotes that another story is also present - also a mystery. This works better in some places than others, and I did feel it became more absurd in the later stages of the book, but - somehow - it all comes together at the (very) end. The main story is enjoyable, though dark; it was difficult to keep David Suchet out of my mind, though in many ways the incongruous image of the twentieth-century Belgian detective clambering through ancient Athens, Doctor-like, is entirely appropriate for the structure of the work as a whole.
Tags: books
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