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Book Review: Essential CVS, by Jennifer Vesperman Like everyone… - The Titfield Thunderbolt
Heisenberg might have stayed here
Book Review: Essential CVS, by Jennifer Vesperman
Like everyone else, I'd rather move on to SVN, but it seemed like a good idea to pick something up (especially as this was 87p on Amazon, making it cheaper than the "pocket guide") as I've only ever used Source Safe before.

It covers rather more than the essentials, but it's been useful to fill in a bit of the background. At work we use Eclipse, which does a really good job of integrating with the CVS back-end, far better than I've seen in past lives (VB with VSS, Borland JBuilder with VSS - which was enough to prevent me even trying any Eclipse plug-in for VSS). And sometimes we have to do things with the command-line on Unix, or in Ant scripts.


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