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The Book of St Vincent

Book Review: The Storm, by Vince Cable
This might have been an opportunistic publication, but for the most part it doesn't show that it's been put together in a hurry. Cable keeps it short and tries to cover a lot of ground, starting with the run on Northern Rock and the credit crunch, but taking in also price shocks in oil and food, in a rational and thoughtful attempt to explain how we have got to where we are. He indicates possibilities rather than making predictions, and in the final chapter offers some suggestions. Maybe this section is a bit constrained by his political position (or maybe not, in which case I just don't find it quite radical enough for myself), but it's nevertheless reasonable. He acknowledges the short-term usefulness for the UK of being outside the Eurozone but nevertheless indicates that in the medium to long term this is likely to become a less advantageous position. The other main themes he puts forward are the necessity to sort out global trade, to level the playing field, for the US and UK to live within their means, and to bring India and China in particular into the geopolitical establishment, both for economic and environmental reasons.
Tags: books, economy, money
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