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Internet Parental Controls

For years now my parents have been talking about getting a PC, and this Christmas they decided they were "almost ready". I had agreed to help them through the specs and suggested they get a Dell - I would get them a quote and all they would have to do was sort out delivery and payment.

They were adamant that they would only be using things like Word, Excel and Solitaire, and would not be going anywhere near the Internet for several months. So I only mentioned in passing that they should definitely NOT touch AOL with anyone's bargepole.

Only two things have not gone according to plan:

  • The computer arrived 3 days early

  • My father decided to try the "free AOL trial" because it was there and XP was prompting for activation, and the Anti-Virus software wanted updates.

Apparently he's got an 0808 number so it really should be free, but he's still had to part with his credit card number. His attempt at activating XP just stalled (probably because he did it in the evening over a dial-up link - I was going to tell him to do it over the phone, because they weren't going to use the Internet ...) but he's going to try again.

And he has discovered this thing called "MSN". Be afraid ...
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