qatsi (qatsi) wrote,

Garden and Cosmos, Food and Drink

Somehow, the great LJ outage/DDOS of 2009 passed me by. (Given LJ's ownership, I wonder what our Russian overlords made of it all).

Yesterday morning we headed into London to see the British Museum's Garden and Cosmos exhibition of Indian paintings. It was certainly interesting, with a variety of pictures mostly depicting court scenes and entertainment, legends, and finally creation myths. The last room contained pictures presumed to refer to an unknown text, which was a particularly enigmatic conclusion.

In the afternoon, we headed south of the river to see rosamicula and itsjustaname. Hearing of the great rabbit shortage in these parts had inspired the production of a meal, which was excellent as always. Alcohol was consumed; though I wisely steered clear of the chilli vodka, one of the gifts presented to rosamicula by children at her school. She pronounced it to be "probably suitable for cooking, but not for drinking." My own verdict, after sniffing kharin's empty glass, was that it was probably suitable for converting to biodiesel.
Tags: exhibitions, food, london
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