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The fee for mountains and rivers - The Titfield Thunderbolt
Heisenberg might have stayed here
The fee for mountains and rivers
Book Review: The Silent Traveller in Lakeland, by Chiang Yee
This is the first of the Silent Traveller series, originally published in 1937 and documenting Chiang's journey to the English Lake District in the summer of 1936. Despite arriving for lodgings in Wasdale, and lacking walking boots, he nevertheless manages to get around, and is rarely disheartened by the Lake District weather. Whilst he enjoys the scenery, which reminds him of his homeland, there's a troubling backdrop as he reads news and speculation over war between China and Japan. As well as Wasdale, he takes in Keswick (Derwentwater and Borrowdale), Buttermere, Windermere (which he is disappointed to discover is so busy, it reminds him of London) and Grasmere (where he reflects on the Chinese admiration of Wordsworth). As with his Oxford volume, the writing is calming, and the accompanying illustrations are ethereal and beautiful.


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