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"The purpose of Satire, it has been rightly said, is to strip off the veneer of comforting illusion and cosy half-truth - and our job, as I see it, is to put it back again." - Michael Flanders

Over the years Bremner, Bird and Fortune has waxed and waned (with the exception of the George Parr interviews, which have been consistently superb). In my opinion the current series is proving to be one of the better ones. Last night included more of Mr Letwin (in full Restoration costume, of course), but the highlight was definitely the video of a Labour party conference transformed into a scratchy 1930s black-and-white film of one A R P Blair speaking in increasingly hysterical German on the subject of asylum seekers.

I fear this will have offended more politically correct viewers and fully expect that Channel 4 will get a number of complaints about this. But if Margaret Beckett can seriously compare Blair to Churchill, is it not the job of a satirist to compare him to Hitler?
Tags: politics, tv
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