qatsi (qatsi) wrote,

Damson Day

Yesterday, in this house anyway, was Damson Day.

I'd bought a punnet of damsons at the Farmers' Market a few weeks ago; most of them had been frozen. Then Mrs Q went back to see his parents last weekend, and was presented with yet more. I've made some damson muffins, and we had lamb and damson pie for dinner yesterday evening. I'm tempted to have a go at damson cheese, and then there's cheesecake, as well as an Apicius recipe for duck with damsons.

I've been meaning to make notes on a couple of things that have been on TV recently. There were a rash of programmes about or by Keith Floyd, of course; I enjoyed them, but unlike some of those making soundbite appearances in the obituaries, I thought the programmes had dated. The really great thing about them is their amateurishness, the lack of polish, the way Floyd can keep going even when it's all going wrong around him. Jonathan Meades' Off Kilter was mixed; I preferred the architecturally-oriented first programme in the series, on Aberdeen, to the later psychogeography. Kevin McCloud has been taking time off from the property crash to bring us his Grand Tour, entertaining and informing but not especially intellectual. (It did make me want to see the Pantheon and Hadrian's Villa, but then again, I already wanted to see them.)
Tags: food, tv
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