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Book Review: World War II in Cartoons, by Mark Bryant
Someone on my f-list - I think it may have been itsjustaname - made reference to the suggestion that only the far right celebrate the War. I think it rather depends on what you mean by "celebrate".

In this volume, Bryant takes a more-or-less chronological approach to the War, and tries to cover all sides of the conflict where possible. What this reveals, unsurprisingly, is that there was rather an absence of humour in the Third Reich, although there are one or two gems made by underground German elements or prisoners that have somehow survived. The British are self-deprecating, the French aloof, the Americans blunt and the Russians convinced of their agitprop. And all are frequently quite jingoistic or racist. Amongst many by Low, Giles and others, perhaps my favourite discovery in reading the book was the Egyptian-British cartoonist Kem.

I've scanned a few favourites:

"The Progress of Russian and German Co-operation", Kem, 1939

"Bilmpapore", David Low, 1942

"Napoleon Suffered Defeat and so will the Conceited Hitler", Kukryniski, 1941

"Disposing of the Fascist Incendiary", Boris Efimov, 1942

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