January 10th, 2004


Can a Film be too like the Book?

Unfortunately, kharin swiped my proposed subject line for this entry, following our viewing of The Return of the King on Thursday.

I'm not saying that it wasn't a good film, though I'm also not saying that I don't think it could have been shorter. But to be honest, I preferred the first film in the series, as it had more plot, and the second two just get more drawn out as the material is stretched out to its conclusion. This is not a criticism of the film, but rather of the book, where I feel the same applies. Perhaps Frodo and Sam should have climed Mount Doom to the strains of Ravel's Bolero, which is, after all, about lovers climbing a volcano, and just as drawn out and tedious. And what of Saruman? One presumes that in the background he was transformed into a Lord of the Sith, with a very silly name.

Nothing to see here

There's not much worse than being promised a Friday of "team-building" activities.

However, the team-building being cancelled and replaced with a company meeting where you're introduced to the new "interim" CEO, without prior knowledge that the old one had exited Stage Left, must be one of them.

There's nothing to worry about; we're in a stable financial position; there are no plans for redundancies; there are no plans to sell the company; et cetera; et cetera. We just need to turnaround some sales.

So it's completely inexplicable that in my head I have that scene from Chicken Run where they're all told not to lose their heads. Isn't it?