January 31st, 2004


Less shopping and More reading

At least, that would be a plan. Unfortunately I have an addiction to Waterstone's 3 for 2 offers - as in "three for the price of two", which in my case turns into "buy three, read two". So I am now the proud(?) owner of Zero by Charles Seife, The Song of Names by Norman Lebrecht, and English Passengers by Matthew Kneale.

Close friends will either be astonished at my hitherto hidden literary appreciation, or note the complete randomness of the selection. There is some logic to it though - I am trying to broaden my reading away from politics, science (OK, not completely), and computing, but sticking to subjects with some interest for me - and there was a narrow escape for Antony Beevor's Stalingrad (I am presently about two-thirds through his Berlin), as it was significantly more pricey and you only get the cheapest book of the three for free.

Oh, and I popped into HMV to get Yann Tiersen's excellent soundtrack for Good Bye, Lenin! (did I mention anywhere how much I enjoyed the film <g>?). It fits comfortably alongside soundtracks by Philip Glass and Michael Nyman, particularly in places The Draughtsman's Contract.

Of course, the two things I actually needed - a new jacket and a frame for my signed copy of Martin Rowson's Britannia's Suitors 2001 (after Gillray) - are things I still need. In the first case, because I am in the usual position of finding that my requirements are impossible to fulfil (i.e. it should be warm, machine washable and have inside pockets of a decent size - hardly unreasonable I thought), and in the second, because apparently frames don't come in A3 size, so I have to figure out whether to trim the border, or get a much bigger frame.
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    Yann Tiersen - The Deutsch Mark is Coming (Good Bye, Lenin!)