February 29th, 2004


The Undead

Or, to put it another way, two unrelated items thinly tied together under a single LJ entry.

1. I can only presume that there are a number of celebrities with underperforming pension funds. This would warm my heart considerably, except for the fact that they have reawakened their agents and appear once again on our screens. I am, of course, referring to Alan Whicker and Michael Winner (the latter being imitated at almost every opportunity by Rory Bremner in the current series of Bremner, Bird and Fortune).

2. The problem of absolutely obsolete computer books. I am referring to books on topics such as dBase 4 and MS Access 2, both about 10 years old. What to do with them? It seems like sacrilege to throw a book away; it would be unfair on the Oxfam bookshop to burden them with them, I think; it seems unlikely that the doorstep recycling would take them as paper. Irrespective of practical considerations, I don't really like the idea of burning them either.