February 5th, 2005


(no subject)

The shops weren't too bad in Reading this morning; I managed to acquire the things I needed, and nothing else. There did seem to be a very visible police presence around, I think that was probably due to football this afternoon.

On the way back I detoured via the garden centre at Shinfield to pick up a couple of things. They had hidden the peat-free compost, or had none of it. Last year's "Terra Eco Organic" compost was not good, but previously I've had decent results with "New Horizons". In the end I did get a peat-based compost, convincing myself that as it proclaimed "with extra John Innes No 3", that means it effectively had a lower peat content. There were no grow bags or seeds either; I always seem to be either too early or too late for these things.

Further ethical dilemmas were resolved in this article from today's Independent. Some time ago I abandoned the idea of looking for free range eggs after a report that "free range" conditions were not necessarily any better than those for battery hens. Now it turns out that "organic" eggs aren't even all that organic, either.

I've done battle with the Wisteria at the front and need to add a further trellis. For the time being it is "free form". I've sown some grass seed in the bare patches (ahem, rather more than patches actually) of lawn at the back. This will either germinate or the pigeons will become even fatter, if that's physically possible.

And finally, the answers to the remaining quotations from the Film and TV meme.
1. "Have the Telegraph!" - The Good Life. Christmas episode. Tom to Margot, who is distraught at having a paper hat made from a tabloid.

2. "Jesus who?" - Yes Minister. A somewhat inebriated Rt Hon Jim Hacker, MP, Her Majesty's Secretary of State at the Department for Administrative Affairs, requires clarification while dining at High Table at Bailie College, Oxford, when he is told that Isaac Wolfson and Jesus are the only people to have colleges named after them at both Oxford and Cambridge.

5. "Let it breathe." - Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy. George Smiley directs a waiter to leave the bottle of wine unpoured for the time being.