August 7th, 2005


We're Terribly House And Garden

Yesterday kharin and I went to the Herb Farm. Over the past few months I have been building walls and moving soil around in the garden, and it was time to get some plants in. I'm quite pleased with the selection I now have: thyme, rosemary (standard and trailing), chives (standard and garlic), mint (spearmint, applemint, Moroccan mint and Tashkent mint), lavender, sorrel, fennel, and annual herbs such as parsley and coriander. While I was planting, kharin worked on a delicious white chocolate and vanilla cheesecake with blueberries, which was prefaced in the evening by a Polish pork, sausage and garlic stew, with lashings of sour cream and paprika. The cranberry wine we had to accompany the dessert was pleasant but not strikingly different from cherry wine.

This morning I headed off with uitlander to Newbury Farmers' Market. She bought peach wine and blueberry liqueur; I bought elderberry wine, venison burgers, boar and apple sausages, and diced stewing boar. Unfortunately the beef uitlander was interested in had already gone by the time we arrived, but at least she knows for a future occasion that it may be obtained there. The chap selling the venison burgers apologised to another customer that there was no rabbit or pigeon on this occasion. Meat-wise, there was a preponderance of pork; curiously when I went to the Reading Farmers' Market a month or two back, there was a preponderance of lamb. I suppose these things may be seasonal. It appears there isn't much of a desire for people to buy poultry at these events, as I haven't seen very much of that on offer (though there were some smoked duck and chicken breasts, I wasn't particularly keen on them).