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The Titfield Thunderbolt
Heisenberg might have stayed here
I can't get the car back into the garage at the moment. I just keep sliding around on the driveway hopelessly. I could clear it, there's only an inch or two, but I'm not sure that's going to be enough. They told me in December that the front tyres were getting thin, and I suspect I'm going to be replacing them next week, if the conditions are more clement. But at least I've been to Sainsbury's - not that that was an especially pleasant experience - and we can eat.

Earlier I drove kharin to Reading station, and I'm not looking forward to picking him up later, though the forecast is for sleet to turn to rain here into the afternoon, hopefully with an accompanying thaw around where the car is now standing. His car ended up in a ditch on Tuesday; he's unhurt but we don't yet have a prognosis for the car - if the damage was limited to what was clearly visible I think it's repairable but he fears there may be further damage underneath/inside. He had decided sensibly to leave work well before it got dark, but of course in the end I had to go and collect him, in the dark. Still, you learn something every day, and on Tuesday it was the tradesmen's entrance into the M3 services at Fleet for me.

No sign of the binmen yesterday or so far today, and I can't blame them. West Berkshire Council is rapidly running out of grit. At least they have thought to publish a map of the "primary routes" that do get gritted. I read earlier today that the buses have been suspended in Newbury. This sort of thing really bothers me, because it just emphasises the general uselessness of public transport in these parts. You can't rely on it. Therefore the private motor car triumphs. Surely that can't be right?


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No more grit

ETA: We're saved, saved I tell you!
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