April 17th, 2016

howard and hilda


Dad was passing through on Friday, after a holiday in Dorset. Looking for venues close to his travel route, we'd originally intended to go to Nymans, but the weather was poor, so we opted for Chartwell instead. It was quite busy but not overwhelmingly so, and we had a look at some of the gardens, the studio (now housing a number of Churchill's paintings), and the house itself. Like Cragside, the house isn't grand in the way that various castles and palaces are, but it's still a world away from the everyday homes of common people. The rooms dedicated to gifts and memorabilia were a mixture of tastes; I did quite like the glass bowls presented by Stalin. I'm also better informed about Denmark's Order of the Elephant. Despite the weather, I could see why Churchill liked the site, and several of his paintings of Chartwell were present. It's the first time for quite a while that I have done so much driving, and I found it quite a tiring day. I'd say it was worth another visit, but only on choosing a day with good weather.