qatsi (qatsi) wrote,

Also providing entertainment over the past few weeks has been BBC4's Lost Kingdoms of Africa. It was especially impressive to get a film crew to Great Zimbabwe, which was probably the highlight of the series, though uitlander will probably shudder at the mention of the name Wynne-Jones in one of the programmes.

BBC4 has also been re-running some classical composer documentaries from the 1980s on Friday evenings. The presentation seems quite dated now, there's so much music and impersonal voice-over, with a bouffanted Vladimir Ashkenazy conducting with barely a grey hair to be seen. How times have changed. So far I've seen programmes on Sibelius and Respighi.

I'm catching up with the latest Dimbleby Extravaganza, The Seven Ages of Britain. I'm not expecting anything particularly deep out of this, but so far it's been a relaxing and informative way of passing the time.
Tags: tv
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