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Following a frustrating delay on the Reading IDR yesterday afternoon, I headed in to London firstly to the Imperial War Museum for the Ministry of Food exhibition. It was relatively small but fun, with lots of period posters (though "Stamp Out Fags" clearly didn't work as a slogan in the long term) and interesting snippets of information about wartime nutrition.

The main reason for going in to London was to see Philip Glass' Satyagraha, a "portrait" opera about Gandhi's time in South Africa, at the Coliseum. It was visually very clever, but I'm afraid I did find it somewhat long-winded musically. Yes, Glass is repetitive, but there were some places where it seemed overdone. The two tracks on The Essential Philip Glass are probably the best bits, though I also found the opening section of Act 3 quite striking. There is a narrative, though it's non-linear. This was definitely worth going to see, though I remain of the opinion that I prefer his purely instrumental and orchestral work.
Tags: exhibitions, london, music
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