qatsi (qatsi) wrote,

South of the River

We headed in to London yesterday with several things to do. First on the list was the Paul Nash exhibition at Dulwich Picture Gallery. I imagine like most people, I know the name because of his war paintings, but though there were two or three of those, this exhibition shows much more variety, mostly land and sea-scapes, but with occasional forays into more abstract or surrealist work.

In the afternoon we mostly avoided the rain and visited the Horniman Museum. We've been planning to visit for quite a while but somehow never quite got round to it. I enjoyed the Musical Instruments collection and the Centenary Gallery (mainly comprising ethnographic exhibits in a slightly Pitt-Rivers-esque style); the Natural History collection was varied but a little disappointing, perhaps due to ongoing restoration work and lighting difficulties.

We ate at Le Chardon in Dulwich; a rather traditional establishment that hasn't lowered itself to contemporary tastes, so Mrs Q started with oysters and I enjoyed sautéeed calves' livers as my main course. Finally it was off to a party to say farewell to a school friend of mine who is moving across the Atlantic. We've only intermittently been in touch but it was good to see him again, albeit briefly.
Tags: exhibitions, food, london
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