qatsi (qatsi) wrote,

You've changed the theme music, haven't you? I don't like it.

Fortunately, though, I liked most of the rest. Other than the trailer following the New Year episode, I've managed to avoid most of the rumours; I'm pleased to see that the new TARDIS interior isn't like that from the Peter Cushing movies, at least to my eyes. I'm not sure we needed an hour and five minutes, but there was nowhere near as much padding as in an extended RTD episode. I suppose consistency should demand that the space police were Judoon, or that the video conference should have involved UNIT rather than Patrick Moore, but consistency is not really a requirement - one only has to look at the number of inhabitants of Mars in the classic series for an example. It seems we must have family in the new Who, but maybe Steve Moffatt will turn that idea around - rather than have chaos ensue as a result of the companion's relationship with the Doctor, he will be putting Amelia back together. It would have been nice if her surname had been Rumford, though.
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