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An Excursion - The Titfield Thunderbolt — LiveJournal
Heisenberg might have stayed here
An Excursion
On Friday evening I headed into London for rosamicula's St George's Day celebration at a French restaurant. Or, as itsjustaname pointed out, an English restaurant serving French cuisine. At any rate, the duck salad, slow-roasted lamb, and chocolate cake with pistachio ice cream were all delicious. In amongst other things, we discussed the futility of organising a putsch in Munich in 1933. "You're several years late! It's Nürnberg this year, didn't you know?" etc. etc. I have to admit my attention wandered as I kept an uneasy eye on my watch as the evening wore on. Fortunately I returned to Elephant & Castle, and thence to Paddington, in time for the last fast train back to Reading.


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