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Public Service Announcements

Randomly collated from the past couple of days:

  • thegreenman is quite right about gargling aspirin being better for sore throats, but note that there is quite a long list of people who shouldn't use it (the words "asthma", "haemophilia" and "ulcer" seemed most prominent). At Sainsbury's you can buy a branded packet of 16 x 300 mg tablets for £1.99, or an own-brand of 16 x 300 mg tablets for 21p. Being the cheapskate I am, I opted for the cheaper ones. I hope some of the price difference can be attributed to the taste. Camomile tea also seems to assist, but that could just be psychosomatic.

  • At SavaCentre in Calcot, you can recycle books for either Oxfam or British Heart Foundation. You're supposed to wrap them in bags before dumping them into the mini-skip. Allegedly books that can't be resold will be humanely disposed of.

  • Amazon seem rather good at listing items as being "usually dispatched in 1-2 days" and then coming up as "unavailable" if you add them to your wish list. I think this means they can't source it themselves, but have an Amazon seller for the item (as sellers are supposed to dispatch within 2 days).

Finally, To the man selling the entire Encyclopædia Britannica in 37 different parts on ebay who had to dispatch them all this morning at the Burghfield Common Sub-Post Office: Do you think, in future, you could come at an off-peak time, or at least when there is more than one person serving behind the counter? <fawlty>Thank you so very much</fawlty>.</li>
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