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Just sayin' - The Titfield Thunderbolt
Heisenberg might have stayed here
Just sayin'
"It appeared that my Private Secretary was talking about Sir Humphrey's radio broadcast. 'Was it boring?'
    'Initially, yes,' said Bernard. 'But then it livened up immensely as he became more and more indiscreet.'
    I could hardly believe my ears. 'Humphrey? Indiscreet? On the air?'
    'Well, he thought the broadcast was over, so he was just chatting. Unofficially. But the tape was still running.'
    I began to have a sinking feeling in my stomach. And my heart was literally in my mouth. [If so, Hacker had a uniquely mobile anatomy - Ed.] 'He fell for that old dodge?'
    Bernard nodded.
    'You always treat an open microphone as a live one. Doesn't he know that?'
    Bernard tried to defend him. 'I don't think he's done a lot of broadcasting, Prime Minister.'
    'It sounds as if he's done too much.'"
-- Yes Prime Minister - The Tangled Web, by Jonathan Lynn and Antony Jay

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