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Weekend Catch-Up

I went Up North for the weekend, so I haven't been posting about all that's been going on.

Oh dear, oh dear. It's not exactly a new politics, is it? My own not-especially-informed opinion is that the rights and wrongs of the case are reasonably clear cut, and I do think David Laws' position was no longer tenable. But, I also wonder why the Torygraph didn't publish this at the during the original expenses stories? Perhaps they didn't bother to do much digging on any Lib Dems that no-one had ever heard of? I suppose the most cynical observation would be - especially since they've continued by dishing what dirt they have on his successor - that the Torygraph wants an end to the coalition, and an early second election (which, one assumes, it thinks the Tories would win).

Curiously, I thought this week's Doctor Who was the best of the season so far. I'm not sure whether Rory is dead or not; poliphilo points out the paradox of his non-existence, but then again, my recent reading gave a solution to time paradoxes: "it's complicated". Certainly, having Amy forget Rory and not have to deal with the consequences of his death doesn't seem a satisfactory outcome for any number of reasons. After all, even Tegan and Nyssa were upset for some time at the death of Adric. I also discovered that the Silurians really do have only one story in them, and it gets repeated every time they are on. I found it a bit disappointing that the Doctor was quite prepared to tell Ambrose that she was nowhere near the best of humanity, but conveniently ignored the fact that Alaya was somewhat far from the best of Homo reptilia, either.

In other news, Voyager trains (of whatever operator) are Officially Crap, with at least a 50% chance that the on-board reservation computer will have failed. (In fact, I have noticed this with Pendolino trains too). The till in the shop never fails, does it? First Great Western have a 1970s system, it's primitive and it involves printing pieces of paper and sticking them on top of the seats, but you know what? It works.

Now, back to Genius of Britan.
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