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Time Team

Of course, I was wrong. I can't quite make my mind up about how much I enjoyed that. All the time-travel stuff was carefully thought out and cleverly executed. I'm not keen on Doctor Who going into psycho-babble about how memories can restore things - in this specific case, bringing the Doctor back from the Void (see Last of the Time Lords for a more egregious example). But I think I will let it pass this time, because the rest of the story did hang together rather successfully.

  • Daleks as "unknown relics" in the museum - surely High Status artefacts, signifying Ritual Activity?

  • Rory the Auton comes in quite handy (ouch!) when confronted with a reactivated Dalek

  • Fezzes are cool / What is he wearing on his head?

  • The Blinovitch Limitation Effect apparently applies to sonic screwdrivers, but not to Amy Pond or the Doctor

  • The stars in Amy's painting, like Vincent's

  • The Dawkins Cult (!)

  • Geronimo! (Although I thought the message should perhaps have read Goodbye Sweetie!)

  • River Song, and The Diary, as a way of triggering Amy's memory

  • I bet that dance is just the latest thing amongst the High Council of the Time Lords

Now, what to do until Christmas?
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