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Book Review: Doctor Who - The King's Dragon, by Una McCormack

I must protest in the strongest possible terms regarding the latest series of Doctor Who merchandise. May I in particular draw your attention to the following:
  • It is a well known fact that Our Hero is "a tall man" whose main sartorial features are "a long scarf and a wide-brimmed floppy hat". Where on earth did this chap who "looked like a slightly forlorn scarecrow, or a particularly scruffy stork" come from? It's not Worzel Gummidge, you know.

  • Likewise, Our Hero must arrive into his story, using a machine that makes "a strange wheezing, groaning sound". He's not just there. The only reference this work makes to the noise is (removed for spoilers - ed.)

Admittedly, the story is not without merit, but it is far too long, and lacks a cliffhanger at the end of every third chapter.

Yours etc.,
T. Dicks (esq)

In other news, I enjoyed this. I can see the influence of New and Old Who, which is surely a good thing. The Doctor and both companions are well integrated throughout the story, as are supporting characters. I've often felt somewhat ambivalent about Amy, and that stance is maintained here - at times selfish and headstrong, not pausing to think things through are my main gripes (of the character, that is, not of the writing here). In a blander franchise, Rory would undoubtedly be far too boring, but his normality and practicality stand out positively. There are plently of clever touches here and there to keep interest. Congratulations to altariel!
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