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Blake's 7 Rewatch

I've been rewatching Blake's 7 over the past few months and a few weeks ago, I completed season 1, so it's time to note my thorts. I suspect I have seen all of these at one time or another - probably most of them the first time around, and maybe some of them not since then.

  • The Way Back - a bit slow and earnest; if this is the Federation, where is Servalan?

  • Space Fall - still a bit slow; should Jack Rolfe really be in charge of a spaceship?

  • Cygnus Alpha - HELLO, I'M BRIAN BLESSED!

  • Time Squad - not really all that memorable

  • The Web - this was the only one I thought was a bit of a turkey, it just seemed silly to me (though at least the Decimas weren't farting monsters, I suppose)

  • Seek-Locate-Destroy - definitely a classic

  • Mission to Destiny - an interesting diversion (though not that interesting)

  • Duel - funny the way everywhere looks just like Earth, isn't it? I think this is a bit like a better version of The Deadly Assassin

  • Project Avalon - you know, Servalan and Travis are becoming a bit like the Daleks, aren't they? You know they're going to lose, it's just a question of how

  • Breakdown - an opportunity to explore Avon's motives, and a guest appearance by Julian Glover; interesting ideas, though perhaps these could have been used better

  • Bounty - another strong guest appearance, this time T P McKenna; perhaps the retro-ness of his abode works better over time

  • Deliverance - oh look, I think we're getting a two-part season finale

  • Orac - 100 million credits for a fish tank and some Christmas lights seems a bit steep to me ...

I have to admit it's a rather dry start, but I suppose you have to situate your characters before putting them into action. I was amused to discover that there's a Tarrant in episode one (I seem to remember being directed to an article in DWM that said Terry Nation always had a character called Tarrant). There is a bit of drift in the plots - sometimes Blake has specific targets in mind, at other times the mission doesn't seem to have any particular purpose. I can see that it's difficult to find something for all the crew to do at times; Cally and Gan do often seem to be spare parts. Human-computer interaction may not have proceeded along the lines the set designers expected, but the themes are timeless. For me, the strongest episodes were Seek-Locate-Destroy, Breakdown and Bounty.
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