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Snowpocalypse - The Titfield Thunderbolt
Heisenberg might have stayed here
Well, so far, it hasn't been that bad here, though it has been very cold. We had a dusting of snow on Tuesday morning, and an inch or two this morning. Our road hasn't been added to the gritting network (some cynics may file that under "another broken Lib Dem promise", though to be fair our councillor only said he'd lobby for that), but the grit bin at the bottom of the hill had enough to suffice this time. As usual in these conditions, I skidded and slithered a little in getting the car back into the garage this evening, following compacting and re-freezing. It appears the bin contractors had an attack of Health and Safety and decided not to venture down, just in case, but at least Reading Buses website assures me that "minor changes" have been made in the light of last winter. Methinks "minor" does not describe the changes needed.


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