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Season 2 re-watch

I've finished Season 2 in my Blake's 7 rewatch project.

  • Redemption - Yes, I can see why this one is popular. It's a strong opening episode, and cleverly ties up the apparent loose ends from season one. It's one of those inexplicable ironies that the owners of DSV2 - aka the Liberator - should have been capable of designing such an advanced spacecraft, yet under the bonnet they don't seem to behave all that differently from the Federation.

  • Shadow - Back to the rather thin plot, but interesting moral ambiguities.

  • Weapon - Did I mention the thin plots? And something's happened to Travis, hasn't it?

  • Horizon - Well, I didn't notice any of the sets shake.

  • Pressure Point - Oh, and it was all going so well. It's a bit see-through but not bad. Unless you're Gan, of course, in which case it's very bad.

  • Trial - It's all a bit off into Deadly Assassin territory for Blake here, but actually the way the two strands tie up does make it more interesting. And there's Vila's famous line "Avon's gadget works!"

  • Killer - In which our intrepid heroes discover sub-space voids in the Delta quadrant. Or something like it. While trying to steal a twenty-ninth century Enigma machine. Or something like it.

  • Hostage - I have the feeling I'm starting to recognise these locations, it's another gravel pit. The plot is familiar too.

  • Countdown - In the days before Richard Whiteley and Carol Vorderman. Apparently Blake isn't the only "freedom figher" out there, though as usual, the opposition groups couldn't organise anything stronger than a poster-making session without him.

  • Voice from the Past - Hmm, must have seen this one since it's original airing as I had the feeling that was going to happen.

  • Gambit - This definitely has the Robert Holmes touch; perhaps it's the antidote to The Sun Makers. Deep Roy's appearance as The Klute, and Denis Carey's as Docholli, confirm the existence of a union byelaw regarding actors cycling around BBC sci-fi series in the 1970s (see Mr Sin and Professor Chronotis, respectively).

  • The Keeper - As Tom puts it in The Invasion of Time, "there's nothing more useless than a lock with a voice-print".

  • Star One - The writing is good but this is an episode that certainly could have done with a CGI makeover on the alien fleet, which does look like something knocked up by Blue Peter's researchers in their off-moments.

So, favourite episodes here, by quite a long way, are Redemption, Gambit and Star One. I have the feeling it is downhill from this point on.
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