qatsi (qatsi) wrote,

Well, we made it in to work without much trouble. I can report that the car thermometer goes at least as low as -11°C, where it stayed for much of the journey. We went through Reading and Caversham; as the Reading Buses website reported its buses were climbing St Peter's Hill, it seemed likely that it must have been well treated. In fact, the worst bit of the journey was from Nuneham Courtenay towards Oxford, and onto the ring road. It seemed as though the roads had been ploughed, but with a very blunt blade, as there was lots of hard, lumpy ice all over the place. Evidently the management of Oxford Business Park didn't feel the need to grit or clear their car parks, which were consequently a little more adventurous than I'd have liked. After it snowed briefly but quite heavily at lunchtime, we decided to return home and work from there for the remainder of the day. In fact, up to now, it hasn't really added much snow here, so unless it accumulates overnight, I will be doing battle again tomorrow.
Tags: travel, weather
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