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The qatsi awards

Ever end-of-the year post I've read seems to be saying 2010 was a bad year, and I'm not going to argue. Personally I had quite a good year work-wise, and it was a good Proms season, but that's about it.

Best of the year:

  • Fiction - Incidences, by Daniil Kharms

  • Non-Fiction - Oxford, by Jan Morris

  • Music - Wayne Marshall at the Proms

  • Film - Micmacs

  • Exhibition - Maison Autrique in Brussels

  • Food - lapin à la Gueuze at one of the town-square restaurants in Brugge

  • Drink - Torres Rioja Crianza Ibéricos

There, it seems a much better year now. Other highlights: in Fiction, altariel's The King's Dragons; in music, the Bach transcriptions Prom; in exhibitions, the Sint-Jan Hospital Museum in Brugge; in food and drink, De Visscherie in Brugge; an intriguing copper-coloured rosé we had in Brussels whose name I will add if Mrs Q can remember it; and we have both cooked some delicious dishes ourselves featuring lamb shanks.
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