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The weekend did not get off to a good start. We had a company meeting on Friday, at which our new CEO (not to be confused with either of the previous incumbents this year) announced that he would be taking us back to "the good old days" and running things "the way he had in the past". Ho hum. Sounds like time to look for another job.

On Saturday I completed watching the DVD of Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy. It was observed that the character of Poliakov, Cultural Attaché (ahem, yes that does mean spy) was played by none other than George Pravda, famed for playing, it seems, almost any role in the past 40 years requiring an Eastern European accent (including that of Castellan Spandrell, on Gallifrey, in The Deadly Assassin).

kharin suggested going out for a walk would be an appropriate way to spend part of Sunday, and following a flick through the road atlas, an opportunity to kill two birds with one stone presented itself. So we had a trip to The Wallops (some images at the bottom of that page) (a.k.a. St Mary Mead) and the Danebury Ring Hill Fort.

The former was very picturesque but fortunately we did not witness any murders; indeed it was so sleepy on a Sunday afternoon one could scarcely even observe the twitching of net curtains. Two of the Wallops have rather striking churches, one linked to above, and one with a turret with a sloping roof as opposed to either a flat Norman-style turret or a spire.

Danebury was very windy and exposed, and though it gives good visibility to all sides, one wondered why on earth Iron Age man would have picked this spot (unless, of course, it was the only place left in a prehistoric property boom). The presence of CCTV cameras around the site did make me think of Blake's 7, with its typical location of some primitive society with one or two 70s high-tech gadgets, but the soil was definitely chalky, rather than gravel.
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