qatsi (qatsi) wrote,

The Machines, Susan!

From my f2list (secretrebel) comes the LJ Markov Random Text Generator. Unsurprisingly, some hits are better than others. I particularly liked the following:

again on our screens. I am, I opted for the fact that the novel is a well-publicised bestseller, and it's certainly true that the American army was estimated to be paid using the old system. The other main criticism is that XP appeals to cowboy programmers, principally because of its lack of design time or documentation. They almost go so far as to state (which I would propose anyway) that XP is indeed extreme: it requires absolute committment to the top of the selection. There is (de)generative music provided, I think, by my TV aerial, as it marched through Prussia

I suggest my TV aerial takes Belgium as well ...
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