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Just what The Doctor ordered - The Titfield Thunderbolt
Heisenberg might have stayed here
Just what The Doctor ordered
Some time ago we had booked tickets for The Doctor Who Experience today. I think it was rather well done. The fact that I didn't really notice any annoying children, although there were quite a large number of smaller visitors present, probably tells you quite a lot about how well they have catered to that section of their audience. I won't put up any spoilers, but I will say I was genuinely impressed with the 3D TV section, although it isn't something I would enthuse about having in my living room. I was pleased that there was a good mix of classic and new Who exhibits in the main area. I can also report that The King's Dragon is into its fourth printing and was flying off the shelves in the little shop (there's always room for a little shop ... OK, in fact it wasn't all that little).

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