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Book Review: Creating Content Management Systems in Java, by Arron Ferguson
Mostly I find at least something to enjoy in the books I read, but I can unambiguously file this one as poor. Although I bought the book - fortunately for a fraction of its list price on Amazon - more for the concepts than the details of implementation, it's quite thin on those aspects, and there is too much focus on hand-crafting things (such as session IDs) that any J2EE/JavaEE application server will already provide. Don't even get me started on storing an entire dynamic web site as a set of XML files rather than using a DBMS. It has the air of a rather sketchily-constructed course book, and unfortunately when one reads the author biography on the back cover, it seems even more likely that's what it is. The copyright notice is for 2007 but I think the technologies in it (e.g. applets) must have been quite dated already at that time, and it hasn't improved with age. If the client-server protocol had even been web-services based, rather than using serialized Java objects, it would have been an improvement. Regrettably I don't feel any better informed after reading this book.
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