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It looks better if you're running when I shoot you ... but looks aren't everything - The Titfield Thunderbolt
Heisenberg might have stayed here
It looks better if you're running when I shoot you ... but looks aren't everything
A couple of years ago, I wondered whether the story of someone with a bomb down their underpants in a plane would be joyous news to someone like Mark Mardell (BBC North America correspondent), because it would be "the" story on Christmas Day, or whether it would be disastrous news, because as a working journalist it would ruin your holiday. And what do you know, they go and kill Bin Laden on a Bank Holiday.

I don't feel the need myself to see any pictures of what remained of his body after the attack, and I rather doubt anyone who is talking about a conspiracy theory would be persuaded by the appearance of any such pictures. Yes, a trial would have been better ... but I can't see how it would have been practical. The security required for incarcerating him and protecting all those involved in the case would have been extraordinary and quite possibly prohibitive; I can't see how you would get jurors who could approach such a case with an open mind; any sort of non-jury based trial would be open to scorn for conspiracy/establishment reasons; and I imagine lawyers would be picking over the legal niceties of the process for years.

I'm not dancing in the streets but I'm not in the slightest bit sympathetic either. I find all the flag-waving in the US a bit distasteful, but then again ... it's really no different to any number of news reports from the Middle East over the years showing more-or-less anti-American/Western crowds all hyped up, so - gasp - maybe on the whole we aren't actually all that different from them after all. (And as many have pointed out, the crowds on the streets in the Middle East in recent times have seemed to be campaigning broadly in favour of Western political systems, rather than demanding the return of the Stone Age).


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uitlander From: uitlander Date: May 4th, 2011 05:21 am (UTC) (Link)
Essentially it's the Hitler question. Did he die in the bunker, or escape and live happily ever after in south America? No body = no funeral/grave =no fetishisation of him. Overall I think the Americans have got this one right. If they hadn;t killed him, he'd be popping up by now going 'Nyah, missed, kill more infidels'. I don't need to see photos, and I expect the photos would be used as a symbol of gory martyrdom, so probably best not to have them.

It's always awful when someone is murdered, and lets face it, this was state sponsored assassination on foreign soil, allegedly on the soil of an ally. But in this instance I'm not going to shed any tears (nor am I going to dance in the street). They have cut off the head of Al Qaida, so now we have to wait and see what pops up in its stead. I expect there will be reprisals against the US and the West by Islamic extremists, but hopefully they will now have a bit less funding and a bit less in the way of charismatic leaders. Mind you, if I was a US national travelling in the rougher parts of the middle east right now I would be very much on my guard.

My only regret is they didn't do it on Friday. Then we'd have been excused some of the wedding madness.
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