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What if? - The Titfield Thunderbolt
Heisenberg might have stayed here
What if?
Book Review: What If? - Military historians imagine what might have been, edited by Robert Cowley
This is a readable collection of essays on various turning points in history, from the Assyrian and Persian empires through to the Chinese Revolution and the Cold War. Some are somewhat implicit, spelling out the facts as they occurred and almost leaving the reader to imagine the what-if element, but in others the authors venture their own speculation, and these are more satisfactory. The events picked out are global in scope, though perhaps the American War of Independence and Civil War may appear to be given disproportionate coverage to the non-American reader (to be fair, the collection stems from an American background). As well as the major essays, there are occasional short pieces interspered, which can also be very entertaining - perhaps more so, since although they are necessarily lacking in depth, they cut straight to their punch-line.

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