qatsi (qatsi) wrote,

Belated weekend round-up

The journey up to my parents in the Lakes was rather tiresome, with roadworks on the M40/M42 and traffic jams at *every* junction on the M6 until about the M62.

The rest of the weekend was more pleasant. Weather so-so; we visited Grange-over-Sands and also took a walk up the hill that can be seen from my parents' house. Their Dell PC is still rather shiny and new, and they seem to like it, even though they are using AOL for internet access.

TV being patchy over the weekend, I had the opportunity to see Gosford Park, which I had missed for one reason or another when it came out, and had bought the video for my father for his birthday. Not a bad film, but not exactly what I had expected either. A cast of luvvies acquit themselves acceptably - Stephen Fry was particularly good as the bumbling policeman (related to General Melchett, surely). As a whole the plot was rather thin, with the whodunnit element being somewhat subservient to the depiction of the English class system - more Upstairs, Downstairs than Murder on the Orient Express.

Speaking of which, we decided to skip the Peter Ustinov rendition of Death on the Nile, and went straight for the David Suchet version on Monday. I think Suchet has the edge over Ustinov; probably not intrinsically, but the films do have a rather middling quality. In this case James Fox excellently matched the David Niven character; whilst the other characters were generally better portrayed in the Suchet version, I have to admit preferring Angela Lansbury in the Ustinov version as the drunken authoress (in which she refers to the detective as 'Monsieur Porrage' throughout) - overacting at its best. I don't know which is more faithful to the book.

We also had the opportunity to see The Tailor of Panama which I do like, even though it is a pastiche of Our Man in Havana. I forget whether the British Ambassador had a name, but as portrayed by John Fortune, we might as well call him Sir George Parr.
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