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A Positively Final Appearance - The Titfield Thunderbolt
Heisenberg might have stayed here
A Positively Final Appearance
Book Review: The Secret Pilgrim, by John le Carré
This is, in essence, a collection of Smiley short-stories, given some window-dressing by wrapping them in the context of a post-prandial question-and-answer session. The narrator is Ned, whom we met previously in The Russia House, and who is now, himself at the end of his career (so Smiley must by now be positively ancient), training new recruits for the Circus. The first few stories are excellent, though I felt they tailed off a little towards the end (and admittedly, some of the later ones do not actually feature Smiley at all). It's an interesting read in which le Carré seems to hedge on the genre, as well as his regular hedging on right and wrong.


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