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Blake's 7 rewatch: Season 3

I've finished Season 3 in my Blake's 7 rewatch project.

  • Aftermath - A good start to the season, introducing Dayna

  • Powerplay - Another good story, the crew now mostly reunited

  • Volcano - Not a bad story, but a bit bland after the season opener

  • Dawn of the Gods - I think this works as a story, though some of the realisation is a bit shaky

  • Harvest of Kairos - A rather silly story with a very silly monster; however the concept of the sopron is interesting. This episode is also effective in exposing a morality change with the absence of Blake, as the motivation appears to be simple theft.

  • The City at the Edge of the World - Someone needs to tell Colin Baker that there is such a thing as phallic excess. And Valentine Dyall plays a wise old man.

  • Children of Auron - the towers do look reminiscent of Killingworth Township; a reasonable story

  • Rumours of Death - If we've run out of budget, lets steal some from the costume drama department and set the episode in a place that looks an awful lot like twentieth-century Earth

  • Sarcophagus - No, this certainly didn't work for me; it's not entirely devoid of interest but it's a bit of a turkey

  • Ultraworld - Probably best not to say anything, in case Google or Zuckerberg are watching

  • Moloch - Forgettable filler

  • Deathwatch - No suggestion of what's coming up next

  • Terminal - All change please. Why does Avon trust the messages he's receiving? Why not divert around the cloud? Why give in so easily? It's an epic finale, yet it doesn't quite hang together. It's as if Terry Nation wanted to kill off the show - and I think eliminating the Liberator is more effective in doing that than the continued absence of Blake - but he couldn't quite manage it.

Favourite episodes here are Aftermath and Powerplay, and with a heavy heart, Terminal. I do wonder on the wisdom of commissioning another series at this point.
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