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It's a long time since we had a decent public steaming - The Titfield Thunderbolt — LiveJournal
Heisenberg might have stayed here
It's a long time since we had a decent public steaming
Last weekend was Open House London, and on Sunday we decided to venture to Crossness pumping station. The trains between Reading and Paddington were as crowded as a week-day, but the trip out from Charing Cross was much quieter. There was quite a queue at Abbey Wood station for the announced minibus service, so we decided to walk. Killingworth Township compared favourably with what we saw of the Thamesmead estate.

We had to queue for about 45 minutes in the, errm, "sea air", to get in to the building, and then again for at least another half hour before we could don the hard hats and enter the engine house, but it was very interesting once we were inside. Only one of the four steam engines - "Prince Consort" - has been restored and is operational; in some ways I think it's better to have both a working example and an example in its natural decayed state, though I got the impression the plan is to restore at least one more of the engines.


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