qatsi (qatsi) wrote,

All Teeth and Curls

Today we visited the Cartoon Museum to see its Doctor Who exhibition. It's a small venue so it never takes all that long to go around. Most of the items are from DWM or its predecessors.

Afterwards we took in a couple of sections of the British Museum. uitlander will be particularly pleased to hear that I noted an illustration (in the Ancient Europe section) credited to Rupert Cook. I also particularly enjoyed the collection of revolutionary Soviet commemorative plates.

There has been some disquiet expressed by my line manager regarding the TV coverage of the death of Gaddafi, as his children were having their evening meal when the news was on. I have a degree of sympathy for his position, but I have the ability to "look away now" when required. It was interesting today to spot a number of commemorative items from the 1790s featuring depictions of the guillotine that didn't leave too much to the imagination.
Tags: exhibitions, london, news, who
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