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We went to see Hugo today. On the face of it, a story about a young boy living in the walls of a Paris railway station in the 1930s sounds like a plot that should have been given to Jean-Pierre Jeunet rather than Martin Scorsese, although then it would have been in French, and union bye-laws would have required that Audrey Tatou play the part of Isabelle.

I was unaware that some of the characters in the story are real historical figures. This didn't prevent me from enjoying the film; indeed, it allowed me to imagine a somewhat different (though apparently plausible) course of events up to a certain point in the film. It took me quite a while to realise that the Station Inspector was played by Sacha Baron Cohen, though from the outset I was waiting for the character to utter the phrase "Good moaning". It's the first 3D film I have seen. Some of it was effective, but some of it was just distracting, although I suppose it is appropriate to use it in a film that has cinema technology as a core part of its story.
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